Ecosave Tiny-Boat IBA Wastewater Treatment

Ecosave has developed an IBA system which can provide an affordable solution for anyone who does not have a dirty water tank. On 1 January 2009 it is no longer allowed to discharge the toilet water. Ecosave has developed a collection system which captures the rainwater it already purifies. So not only a dirty water tank but also a process unit.

The ECOROLL water purification system consists of 3 purification steps. The first treatment smells in the purification; A small septictank and replacement. If you already have it, they can be used. The second treatment is head purification,80% is done in the ECOROLL compactinstalatie.> This is based on the aerobic Biofilmdyna. Miek. The waste water is pumped over the bio filter and equal distributed. Diffusion removes the dirt and converts it into water, biomass and carbon dioxide.

Simple Installer

The ECOROLL installation is supplied with a plug ready. Is very small, light, compact and easily placed.

Safe, clean and environmentally friendly

Recycling must become a way of life and the potential to recycle human waste water is large and yet largely applied.

Boat IBA Ecoroll

The IBA Boat of Ecosave consists of a 300L Septictank + grey water purification system. It jumps out because it is exceptionally small and is easy to assemble in the ship. There are 2 tanks with the following dimensions: 55x55x100cm. Unique in the Benelux so small, but delivers a purification of >80% in 8 hours. If the elements can not be put on board, then even the whole installation can be placed on top of each other! The plant can still smaller by applying I. P. v Tank A dry toilet system of Ecosave Separett.

Our IBA products for 2 to 200 i.e. are:

  • Fat replacements 200 to 4000 L.
  • Septic Tank 1 to 77 M3 class I
  • Compost Separation systems.
  • ECROLL Compact Class II
  • ECO-Infiltration 300L 50
  • ECO-field small Sand-Helofyten filter class III.





Price on request!

Weight 50 kg


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