Cindi Basic Combustion Toilet Family


The built-in fan expels odors from the toilet and the bedroom, quiet and effective. The vent channel can be headed straight through an outside wall.

CINDI Family can install both heat and cold locations and works perfectly regardless of room temperature.

It can be placed on your needs and does not need to be attached to the wall or floor. The integrated controller with two different programs enables treatment in an energy-efficient combustion of the waste. The shaft can be used in the garden as a fertilizer.

emptying and handling waste:

  • Open the hatch on the front of the toilet by loosening the latches on the sides. Pull the front side off.
  • Turn the ash pan to the left.
  • Pull the ash pan out.
  • Clear the ash pan.

To place the ash pan back:

  • Check that the path in the ash drawer is in the direction of the handle. Place the ash pan in the slit and slide inside.
  • Turn the ash pan to the right so that the ash pan is sealed.

Voltage: 230v
Power: 1800W
Recommended Fuse: 10 amp
Power consumption: 0.4-1.7 kWh/visit



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