Filtering rainwater into potable water

Wonderfully soft and safe bath and shower water

What if there was a way to not only be able to use Rainwater / Rainwater to water your garden, but also to just shower or drink with that water, wouldn’t that be nice?

What if I tell you it’s possible.

Collect rainwater to take a nice shower or even sit in the bath.

But isn’t this bad for you because of all the bacteria?

No, rainwater itself is officially pure water, so free of harmful substances and lime. The moment it hits the ground, it gets “dirty” with bacteria and minerals.

The Microfiltration system from Ecosave, with membrane filter, is a good purification system and offers a simple and safe way to filter collected rainwater / rainwater into clean shower / bath and even drinkable water.

Filter rainwater with the microfiltration system
Filtering rainwater into potable water 1

The membrane filter and how it works

You can purify many concentrations of bad substances with this filter. The filter purifies the rainwater to a fineness of 0.02 mcr.

Here not only very small dust particles are removed, but also bacteria such as Legionella, E-coli, Pseudomonas and Protozoa.

The operation of the 5 filters is as follows;

  • Step 1 : the ‘Backwash’ filter, filters out the coarsest substances such as sand, rust, etc. Is easy to rinse, by opening the tap under the filter (bucket underneath)
  • Step 2: The 25 micron woven dust filter. It purifies the water from even smaller particles.
  • Step 3: the 10 micron activated carbon filter . The active carbon contained in this removes many different (possibly harmful) particles/substances from the water and also any odor and taste of the water.
  • Step 4: the 5 micron fine filter , even finer filter. This purifies the water from very small polluting particles, making the water look nice and clear. Now it is already suitable for the shower and washing machine. Here you can place a T-piece, 1. to shower and washing machine 2nd to kitchen or 5th membrane filter. –
  • 5th Step: the carbon/membrane filter 0.02 microns . which not only purifies the water from fine sediment, but also from chlorine and other substances and bacteria such as legionella. Drinkable water guarantee! Without extra energy, no more UV lamp needed!

Cost savings with rainwater

With rainwater / rainwater and this 5-phase microfiltration system from Ecosave, you can use the water for various things in the house or garden. This allows you to save up to 100% on your tap/drinking water, soon 45,000L per person per year. You can save an average of about € 135 per person/per year, isn’t that great?…….

It is also used in off-grid Tiny houses. Make sure that the rainwater / rainwater tank is large enough, at least 1500L per person, then you can bridge a dry period.

water saving
Micro Filters

How long do these filters last?

There is no definite answer as to when they will run out. It depends on how badly the water supply is polluted. That is why the filters are supplied with translucent housings, so you can always keep an eye on how bad the filters look.

On average, they last about 10,000L, but if the rainwater is very clean, it can also be 25,000L. Filters are inexpensive and can be ordered online from the website.

Can you clean it yourself or do you have to replace it?

You can clean the filters yourself the 1st x by rinsing or using a scouring pad and warm water. But if the filter no longer works after cleaning, order a new filter anyway.

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