RV toilet

Are you an adventurous camping enthusiast at heart and looking for a sustainable camper toilet for your camper, caravan or tent? Ecosave, located in Biddinghuizen, near Lelystad, has been offering a range of eco toilets since 1991, ranging from small, compact dry toilets to larger compost toilets. These sustainable toilets use no water and no chemicals and have a wide range of applications.

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A camper toilet for sustainable camping

For example, a dry toilet offers a solution in locations where there is no sewage system. It can therefore be used everywhere: in a caravan or motorhome, on a yacht or in the bathroom of a tiny house. Do you want to make your camping experience more sustainable? With an Ecosave camper toilet, which does not require a sewer and sewer connection , you save a considerable amount of water. The toilet collects faeces and urine and only needs to be emptied once every approximately two to three weeks (depending on the number of users), with the biological bag having to be changed.

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When you want to purchase a camper toilet and choose a water-saving toilet, you are making an environmentally friendly choice. Would you like to inquire about the possibilities or do you have specific questions about the offer ? We are happy to assist you. Contact us by calling +31 321 332038 or send an email to info@ecosave.com . We are happy to explain our solutions!

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