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Your roof offers possibilities for your own solar panels and your own solar energy! Since 2003 (!) we, Ecosave, have installed these installations at private individuals and companies in Flevoland, Dronten and the surrounding area.

Our sun already offers more than enough energy in the Netherlands and Belgium to provide us with 100% electricity and heat! 'Our Father supplies this earth with 10,000x more solar energy than we all use together, what an abundance of clean, green energy, forever!'

That is why it is so nice that installing solar panels is now so interesting and profitable! With about 10-12 solar panels you can generate about 3000 kWh per year, which can be enough for a family.

With the latest solar panels from ECOSAVE you can already have electricity from € 0.07 per kWh. That is already 50 to 70% cheaper than now, via the network (incl. transport costs and taxes). This during the entire lifespan of the solar panels and they last up to 40 years!

The solar panels are for 25 years guaranteed!

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What is the best position of your panels

Of course the optimal orientation is SOUTH at approx. 36-45 slope.

Can't this? Any other position will yield approx. 10-15% less but still sufficient yield.

On a pitched roof, the panels are placed on top of the roof tiles or corrugated sheets with special S-shaped brackets, made in Germany. Thanks to the height, the panels get a lot of cooling and a higher yield.

If you have a flat roof, special aluminum corners are used, with an angle of 15, 20, 25, up to 35 degrees. This is where the solar panel is placed. We place thick protective material under the corners, so that your roof is not damaged.

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