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complete solar water heater drawing

Solar Water Heaters

They are very different from solar panels (PV), because they supply hot water, not electricity. Hot water that can be used for hot tap water in the kitchen, shower but also washing machine (if it is suitable for that).

It is even possible, if there is sufficient surface and storage space, to use the hot water for the underfloor heating!

This way you can easily save 200 to 600m3 gas per year thanks to our sun!

Did you know that on a winter, freezing day, but clear weather, the water can quickly reach 60 degrees Celsius…! In summer, the collector quickly reaches temperatures of 120 to 170*C

… in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany !

solar water heater family home

What is the best position of your Solar collectors

Of course the optimal orientation is SOUTH between 25 and 60 degrees slope.

But in contrast to PV, the collector still achieves a good return from other sources. The solar panels are placed on top of the roof tiles, corrugated sheets with special brackets.

If you have a flat roof, there is a special container for the panel.

bak voor zonne-collectoren
The hot water is collected in a boiler, 95, 120, 180 or 200L. Then it goes to the HR boiler; when it is hot enough, it can be used as is. If not, he will heat it up. Always nice and warm.

Subsidy solar boilers

With a solar energy system on your roof, you know what hot water will cost you for the next 10-15 years. No more surprises and unpleasant price increases.

Some of the 5 types of systems: What , Annual revenue and subsidy 2020:

  • 2.37 m² Collector package with 95L Boiler – 1.32 GJ – €899,-
  • 2.37 m² Collector package with 120L Boiler – 1.37 GJ – €933,-
  • 4.74 m² Collector package with 120L Boiler – 1.92 GJ – €1312,-
  • 4.74 m² Collector package with 180L Boiler – 1.98 GJ – €1349,-
  • 4.74 m² Collector package with 200L Boiler – 1.98 GJ – €1349,-
Alfamix for washing machines and dishwashers

Alfamix for washing machine and dishwasher

Save even more by no longer having your washing machine or dishwasher electrically preheat the water

Solar boiler reduces CO2

With a solar boiler, a household burns almost half as much natural gas for water heating. That means a structural reduction in CO2 emissions. Since sunlight does not run out, and so hardly any CO2 is released when the solar boiler is used, solar boilers are sustainable.

The savings on CO2 by a solar boiler is on average 287 kilograms per year. This takes into account the greenhouse gas released by the pump with which the boiler pumps water. Although it works on electricity, it does not emit any CO2 on site. But carbon dioxide that is created during the production of electricity does of course count.

In 2006, approximately one hundred thousand solar boilers in the Netherlands provided hot water for private individuals.

As a result, 17.5 million cubic meters of natural gas was saved in that year – that corresponds to the gas consumption of ten thousand households!

Solar water heater installation drawing
Net environmental profit

The production of the boiler itself cannot (yet) take place without fossil fuels, yet this consumption does not outweigh the amount of energy from fossil fuels that the boiler saves.

In one year, a standard solar water heater produces just as much energy as was needed to make the device.

From that moment on, the boiler has earned back its fossil fuel costs. The rest of its life is at least fourteen years – every cubic meter of gas saved by the boiler counts as a net environmental benefit

Is this something for you?

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  • More power yield +/- 25%
  • Yield per panel approximately 400-425 kWh
  • About 200L gas savings per year
  • Dimensions: LxWxD 170x99x4cm
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