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A toilet without a sewer or sewer connection: did you know that this exists and that you can contribute to the environment in a simple way and on a daily basis? Ecosave, located in Biddinghuizen, near Lelystad, has been offering special eco toilets since 1991 that can be divided into two groups: the small and compact dry toilets and the compost toilets of a larger size. However, the sustainable toilets have one thing in common: they realize significant water savings. When do you decide to purchase a toilet without a sewer and sewer connection?

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Save water and support nature with a toilet without sewer and sewer connection

Humans use large amounts of water every day. Think of flushing the toilet several times a day, taking a long shower in the morning, cleaning clothes in the washing machine or filling the swimming pool on a hot summer day. A lot of water is lost every second, when it is not necessary. By installing a toilet without sewer and sewer connection on site, you are taking a step in the right (and green) direction. Both a compost toilet and a dry toilet use no water and no chemicals and can be used in any desired space. Whether you live in a normal home, have exchanged your terraced house for a tiny house or are the proud owner of a luxury motorhome or yacht: with our water-saving toilets you can make your home, building or other location more sustainable in no time. Did you know that with a dry toilet, for example, you already save approximately 15,000 liters of drinking water, per person, per year?

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Are you interested in a toilet without a sewer or sewer connection and would you like to learn more about the possibilities of a dry toilet ? We are happy to tell you everything about our various models and provide you with personal advice. You can reach us by calling +31 321 332038 or by sending an email to .

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