Wastewater purification

Ecosave Boot-Iba / Tiny House Gray Wastewater Treatment (GWZ)

Are you looking for a high-quality wastewater treatment system? Boat-IBA is a special system developed for wastewater treatment on the boat. This system is an affordable solution for anyone who does not have a waste water tank. As of January 1, 2009 it is no longer allowed to discharge toilet water into the water and since January 1, 2015 this is no longer allowed on land. Therefore Ecosave, located in Biddinghuizen, near Lelystad, has developed a collection system for waste water purification that collects the waste water and purifies. This system is therefore not only a waste water tank, but also a process unit. The three small tanks can be lowered through a hatch in the boat where they are put together.

A wastewater treatment system

With the standard three-tank wastewater treatment system, kitchen water, shower water and urine from the dry toilet can be connected and processed until it is clean enough to discharge. Various sizes are available, depending on the use:

  • 250 liter installation
  • 500 liter installation
  • 750 liter installation
  • 1000 liter installation
Wastewater purification 1
alt. for holding tank, gray water purification, it collects the water and purifies in 3 steps.

Easy installation

The ECOROLL installation is supplied ready to plug in. The wastewater treatment system is very small, light, compact and easy to install.

Safe, clean and environmentally friendly

Recycling must become a way of life and the potential to recycle human wastewater is great, yet largely untapped.

Ecoroll Boat-IBA / Tiny House – GWZ

The boat IBA we offer consists of a 300 liter septic tank and a gray water purification system. The wastewater treatment system stands out because it is exceptionally small and therefore easy to install in a ship or a Tiny House. The size of the installation depends on the number of users. The smallest installation has one large or three small tanks and delivers a purification of more than 80% in eight hours. Possibly – if the elements cannot be brought on board ready-made – the entire installation can even be welded together on board. The installation can be made even smaller by using an Ecosave dry toilet system.

Our IBA products for 2 to 200 pe include:

  • Grease traps 200 to 4,000 litres
  • Septic tanks 1 to 77 m³ Class I
  • Compost separation systems
  • ECOROLL Compact System Class II
  • ECO-FIELD small sand-helophyte filter Class III
  • Rainwater collection and use 2 to 100 m³

An additional collection vessel is required for a Boot-IBA to which a flushing toilet is to be connected. The water is 80% cleaned by the IBA and may then be discharged; you no longer have to go to an extraction point! The Ecoroll water purification system consists of three purification stages. The first treatment takes place in the pre-treatment: a small septic tank and grease trap. The second treatment is head cleansing; more than 80% takes place in the Ecoroll compact installation. This is based on the aerobic biofilm dynamics. The waste water is pumped over the biofilter and aerated and evenly distributed. Diffusion removes the dirt and converts it into water, biomass and carbon dioxide.

Underground wastewater treatment system in garden/driveway

There are two options, in a light or heavy concrete version, depending on the traffic class, or in very strong HDPE plastic 20Ton. The second option in particular makes installation easy with a mini crane and can be lifted by only three men. With the telescopic shaft, the plastic tank is adjustable for connection to the sewage system. The tank has a drive-over cast iron lid for security. A pump well is not necessary here, because the waste water from the septic tank and grease trap flows directly into it.

Wastewater purification 2
ECO Clean Wastewater Treatment

Water purification stations ECO Clean

There is no doubt that the treatment of domestic waste water has a positive impact on the environment and nature. It is therefore not surprising that water purification systems are on the rise. Thetis Clean is a simple, but effective concrete product that optimally allows domestic waste water to flow back into nature in a purified state. Without a doubt a socially conscious choice, for both individuals and companies. The innovative technology with which the system is equipped guarantees that the quality of the purified water exceeds any standard.


  • One of the best value for money on the market
  • Underground, low-noise and integrated into the environment
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Very low energy consumption
  • German technology
  • CE approved in accordance with EN 12566-3

What is the function of a grease separator?

A grease separator is a separation pit in the sewage system that serves to remove floating dirt (fats and soaps) from the waste water. This prevents certain undesirable substances from clogging or damaging the sewer system. Fat, in particular, can affect the sewer system because it forms fatty acids after biological decomposition in the sewer system. Grease can also unnecessarily burden the sewage treatment plant or end up in the surface water in the event of overflow due to heavy rainfall.

Operation of the tank

The greasy water from the kitchen, bathroom or laundry room ends up in this tank. Due to the difference in density (weight), an automatic separation is carried out between the water on the one hand and the fats on the other. The fats collect on the surface and form a crust on the water. The discharge pipe starts above the bottom of the pit, so that no fats are discharged.


In order to maintain the grease trap, you should check the pit on a regular basis (about four times a year) and remove the layer of grease that has formed if necessary. Adding BIO-STOP (bacteria and enzymes) will drastically reduce the maintenance frequency.


  • Easy to handle (lightweight)
  • Low heat transfer (PE)
  • High resistance to chemical aggression
  • Easy to clean surface (smooth surface)
Wastewater purification

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