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Would you like to buy a high-quality rainwater filter? Ecosave, located in Biddinghuizen, near Lelystad, offers all kinds of energy and water-saving solutions that allow you to live more sustainably and thus give nature a helping hand. For example, you can contact us for the purchase of rainwater filters, tanks and solar panels. We also keep a close eye on the latest techniques in the field of water purification and follow developments closely.

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Buying a rainwater filter for purifying rainwater

If you want to live organically on a small or large scale, buying a rainwater filter is a first step in the right direction. With this you filter the rainwater, so that you can then use this water for your flushing toilet, to water your garden, to shower or even to drink. We offer rainwater filters in various sizes, so that there is always a filter that is suitable for your application. If desired, we can make a custom rain filter for you. We offer solutions of high quality, but at a very reasonable price.

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Would you like to buy a rainwater filter and/or rainwater tank , but do you have questions about products? Or would you like to obtain more information about one of our other solutions from Ecosave, such as our tiny house heaters or outdoor toilets? Call +31 321 332038 or send an email to . We are happy to serve you!

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