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When you decide to buy a rainwater tank, you are making a sustainable choice. Ecosave, located in Biddinghuizen, near Lelystad, supplies and installs energy and water-saving solutions, such as water purification systems and solar panels. For example, we offer rainwater storage tanks in various sizes. The filters are also available in various sizes. Thanks to our wide range, you will always find a product that meets all your requirements.

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Buying a rainwater tank for storing rainwater

After buying a rainwater tank, the clean rainwater that you have collected can be used for toilet flushes, in the garden or for the washing machine. Rainwater does not contain lime, which has a positive effect on machines. Ecosave offers various systems, such as the do-it-yourself Hercules system. This system has two tanks that can store more than 1600 liters of rainwater. By using a collection filter in the ground or a pipe filter in the downspout, only clean rainwater enters the tank.

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Would you like to buy a rainwater tank or are you interested in one of our other energy- and water-saving solutions, such as a toilet without drainage and water or other wastewater purification systems ? Feel free to contact us by calling +31 321 332038 or send an email to . We are happy to answer your questions, tell you more about the possibilities and provide you with personal advice!

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