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Would you like to buy a compost toilet and are you curious about the possibilities? Ecosave, located in Biddinghuizen, near Lelystad, has been a specialist in water and energy-saving solutions since 1991. In addition to our range of water purification systems, solar panels and sustainable heaters, we also offer special eco-toilets. With the toilets you can easily save 15,000 liters of drinking water per person, per year. Do you want to contribute to a greener future? Then buying a compost toilet might be a first step in the right direction!

Would you like to know what we can do for you?

Buying a compost toilet with ventilation system

A compost toilet is a toilet without drainage and water , which can be used at any location. This is possible because the toilet is very small and compact and does not need to be connected to the sewage system. The toilets are therefore often installed in large homes, golf courses, allotments, nature reserves and campsites. A compost toilet, which you can buy in our webshop, uses no water and no chemicals. When installing the toilet, a large tank is placed under the floor, in which everything is collected. The toilet has ventilation, so you will not be bothered by unpleasant odors.

A toilet house in wood

Do you not have a toilet on location or outside? Then Ecosave can supply you with a complete wooden toilet house including compost toilet. We offer various models: Gypsy, Dalsland or a Dalsland for the disabled with larger doors and more space.

Ask us all your questions

Do you want to buy a compost toilet? Or are you interested in our other products, such as a rainwater filter or biolet ? In all cases you are in good hands with Ecosave. If you have any questions about our water-saving toilets or if you need personal advice, please do not hesitate to contact us . You can reach us by calling +31 321 332038 or by sending an email to .

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